Freeing The Asus Transformer Prime

asus_prime-1-cropI have had the Asus Transformer Prime for a while now and considering its hardware specifications I am a little disappointed with its performance. Taking into account it had a quad core + one processor its multi-tasking abilities leave a little to be desired, in fact, my HTC DesireHD gives it a good run for its money and it has a single core processor (and far less memory). So, what is the problem and how to fix it? After some investigation it would appear that the stock kernel (the heart of the operating system) is at fault. And to fix? Free the TF201 by unlocking the bootloader and installing a “ROM” (modified operating system) that can take advantage of the hardware. This is how I did it.

Usual disclaimer etc

Running Jellybean

First to unlock the bootloader. This can only be done by Asus and fortunately they have provided a way. Asus say their unlocker will only work for the ICS bootloader, many (including me) have reported that it works with the Jelly Bean bootloader. Use this link Asus Boot Unlocker
Then install a custom recovery, I use TWRP – Clockwork recovery isn’t compatable.
Then to free the root – this is done with the installation of TWRP
And finally to install a new ROM!

I have tried out a few different ROMs to see what the’re like and how they perform.
First was Androwook, this is based on the Asus original but with a different kernel and the option to remove (install without) the Asus apps (bloat to some people). It is a speedy and stable ROM with no real complaints. And it is based on the original the Asus android version is 4.1.1
Next was Teakbean. This is a combination of Teambake and personal scripts by the developer of the ROM. This worked really well. Only complaint is its not being developed anymore. On a personal note, if I had the time I would jump at picking this up and developing it further but alas time and knowledge is in short supply. Based on 4.1.1
Blackbean: A good ROM based on Teambake again. In steady development. It is stable and quick (so far – it is all relative) and has a few quirks which hopefully will be ironed out.

After trying out several more I have decided to stay with the Energize ROM by NRGZ (developers “tag”). This is also based on the original ROM by Asus and has the option of installing with or without the Asus apps. Earlier this year NRGZ ported over the TF300 ROM to the TF201 which bring a smoother experience with the 4.2 added extras from Google. The Energize ROM also has a dark(ish) and blue theme with many HTC icons, leaving a pleasant overall look.

Update: I have now migrated to BB8 (BakedBean8) by Team Baked, with a custom kernel and over clocking. Now runs smooth with minimal lag.